Liaison Office

The Liaison Office of T.E.I. of Central Macedonia is the connective link between the academic-scientific community and the productive and social bodies, so that both sides can benefit from this.

The Liaison Office faces the connection problems of the academic community with the labour market, with a major goal to prepare students and graduates to join the labour market and tackle unemployment of young graduates.

More specifically, the Liaison Office contributes to the utilization of the research outcome, satisfying at the same time the demand of the enterprises for new technologies.

For this reason, the Liaison Office:

  • Informs the graduates for available jobs and provides with general information about the activity of enterprises and economic units of our country.
  • Informs students and graduates for postgraduate programs in Greece and abroad about available scholarships and future training.
  • Informs businesses and organizations for their specialized knowledge and skills of the graduates of TEI.
  • Provides career counselling on vocational, educational and management issues of personal problems or crises within and outside the place of work that are part of a learning process.

Scientific Leader

Moisiadis Anastasios
Tel.: +30 23210 49153

Responsible Officer

Anastasiadou Anastasia

Consulting Support

Michalopoulou Vasiliki

Technical Support

Dimou-Paraschou Socrates


T.E.I. of Central Macedonia
Multi-purpose building, 1st floor
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

Tel.: +30 23210 49228
Fax: +30 23210 49374

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