Internship Office

The Internship Office of T.E.I. of Central Macedonia is in operation since 2010, under the supervision of the Employment and Career Center (E.C.C.) of the Institute, and was implemented within the framework of the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning".

The Internship Office is an established compulsory part in the Studies Schedule of every Department of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia. It serves as a means of linking the theoretical background of the Higher Education and the actual working environment of modern organizations and businesses.

The Internship Office:

  • Locates traineeships for all Departments of T.E.I. Serres.
  • Develops register of all businesses that satisfy the internships outline.
  • Gathers and records data on the expression of interest by production agencies and organizations for the employment of students, as well as on the expression of interest of students who want to undertake their internship.
  • Prepares all the necessary forms for the start of the internship and follows the progress of the internship throughout its entire duration.

Office Personnel

Athanasaki Vasiliki

Fotiadou Efthimia


T.E.I. of Central Macedonia
Multi-purpose building, 1st floor
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

Tel.: +30 23210 49228, 49372
Fax: +30 23210 49374

Internship Office Website

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