Technological Educational Institutions are distinctly different from Higher Educational Institutions (A.E.I.) in terms of their role, their graduates' orientation, the content of their studies, as well as their degrees. Their primary aims are:

a) to provide students with adequate theoretical and practical training enabling them to apply scientific, technological, artistic and other skills to their chosen professions.

b) To contribute to the creation of responsible citizens who are able to become actively involved in the financial, social and cultural development of the country within the framework of a democratic schedule.

c) To materialize every Greek citizen's right to free education on the basis of their aptitude and in accordance with the Greek law.

This work is also supported by the following administrative services:

  • Department of Administrative affairs
  • Department of Financial affairs
  • General Secretariat
  • Departments Secretariats
  • Publications and Library Department
  • Public Relations Office
  • Technical Services
  • Health Services
  • Statistic Service
  • European Programs Office
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