Lifelong Learning Program / Erasmus

Life Long Learning Programme (LLP)/Erasmus concerns the sectoral activity of the European Programme "Life Long Learning" 2007-2013 which has to do  with the European cooperation in Higher Education, by encouraging the establishment of bilateral inter-university agreements and the increase of the European mobility of students, teaching staff and administrative personnel. Another objective is  the support of the transparency and promotion of full academic accreditation of studies and academic degrees in the entire European Union.

The LLP/Erasmus programme offers the  possibility to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as to prospective PhD holders to fulfil an integral part of their studies in countries of the European Union. Furthermore, the members of the academic personnel have the opportunity to carry out mobility for teaching or training, while the administrative personnel can also realize training mobility through the same programme.

Academic Requirements for ERASMUS Students

ERASMUS students must have successfully completed the 1st year of their studies at their home institution. The students should consult with the ERASMUS coordinator of the Department they are currently enrolled in in order to decide where to apply and which courses to register for.

Then they have to submit their application to the Public and International Relations Office of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia (at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester they wish to study here at T.E.I.) where it will be processed. The application consists of the following documents:

  • application form
  • learning agreement
  • transcript of records (translated in English)
  • four passport-sized photographs

Once the prospective ERASMUS students are notified of their admission at the Department of their choice, they must establish and maintain contact with the Erasmus coordinator of the hosting Department and the Public and International Relations Office of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia in order to take care of academic and practical issues that may arise before their departure. The contact details of ERASMUS coordinators and officers are supplied below.

Ανταλλαγή Φοιτητών

Admission and Registration for ERASMUS Students

Before ERASMUS students leave their country

For students from EU countries the only document required to enter and stay in Greece is a passport or an identity card valid for the full duration of their stay in Greece.

Students who are non-EU citizens are strongly advised to contact the Hellenic Embassy at their home country in order to get detailed information and guidelines on the formal procedures and regulations about entering Greece. In this case, it is essential for ERASMUS students to be able to hand in a formal acceptance letter signed by the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia (provided by the Public Relations Office of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia), stating clearly the reason for their visit and the duration of their stay. The letter must be signed by the Hellenic Embassy of their own country as they may need to show it to the Hellenic Immigration authorities upon entering the country.

Upon arrival in Greece

Upon arrival in Greece all non-EU students are required to obtain a residence permit for their stay in Greece. For a student’s residence permit to be issued the following documents are required:

  • Valid passport
  • Four (4) ID photos
  • A Formal Letter in a “Whom it May Concern…” form from the student’s Home University stating the reason for which they are visiting the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia, the academic area and duration of their studies, as well as the source of their funding.=


All ERASMUS students accepted at the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia must fill in a Registration Form with the courses they will be attending at the Department of their choice. For ERASMUS students, the courses on the Registration form must agree with those on the Learning Agreement. Otherwise, the section “Changes in the Learning Agreement” must be completed, approved and signed by both the Host and Sending Institution authorities.

Language Requirements for ERASMUS Students

Although the official teaching language of T.E.I. of Central Macedonia is Greek all faculties, in order to facilitate the Erasmus mobility, offer to incoming Erasmus students, courses taught in English.


The Erasmus students are usually hosted in the available Student Residences of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia for the duration of the program. The stay is free for all visiting students.


Students are given scholarships, whose amount will vary depending on the destination country. Additional funding is provided by the program for students with disabilities. It must be noted that the scholarship does not intend to cover the whole cost of studying abroad, but mostly to cover the “mobility” cost, i.e. any extra cost that is relevant to studying in a foreign country.

Any extra scholarships the students possibly have from local sources o study in Greece are maintained throughout the duration of the studies abroad, while they also receive the Erasmus scholarship.


Public and International Relations Office, Administration building, 1st floor
Head of Office: Tsaroucha Sofia, tel: +30 23210 49115, e-mail:
Academic coordinator of Faculty of Applied Technology:
Nikolaidis Athanasios, Assistant Professor, tel: +30 23210 49321, e-mail:
Academic coordinator of Faculty of Administration and Economics:
Fragidis Garifalos, Applications Professor, tel. +30 23210 49310, e-mail:

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