Admission - Registration Procedures

All Department secretariats located on the ground floor of the Administration building are open to both students and teachers during weekdays from 11:00am to 13:00pm. Students can take information about registration, transference, students' identity cards, accommodation, health services etc.

First semester students who succeeded in the examinations conducted by the Greek Ministry of Education every year must register at their departments during the last days of September.

According to the currently applying regulations the issuance of a relevant Department decree is a necessary requirement for the registration of students who have been transferred or classified. Transfer applications for financial, social, health or other reasons as well as transfer applications by students coming from multi-membered families are to be submitted from 1st to 15th November.

Students should renew their registration each semester otherwise they are not entitled to continue their studies.

First semester students who are official foreign language certificate holders are entitled to exception from the course of Foreign Language I & II. Beginners in order to be introduced and helped with linguistic difficulties in the foreign language may also attend elementary Level tutorial classes courses.

Students who enroll in and attend courses at the T.E.I, are not allowed to register at any other Tertiary Education Institute.

Foreign students are given the opportunity to attend special intensive Greek courses. Books or any kind of printed material is distributed to all students free of charge.

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